Metagame Overview

From the statistics of the game industry, we can see the potential and development opportunities in this industry. At the same time, from there, many good values ​​in terms of economy, society, life, people,... will be discovered and developed for good purposes. Therefore, Metagame was born with those noble missions and visions, based on distinct competitive advantages and great power.

What Makes Us Different

For the first time in the world, Metagame aims to provide a solution to five major issues that we face on a daily basis: a lack of incentives to play games, high hardware requirements for games, inconsistent dividends, reliance on transactions, and a disregard for the native token's financial sustainability.
The Metagame platform attempts to link three huge and very profitable markets into one whole, which together have a significant potential in gaming with a purpose. These markets are:
  • Game players
  • Facebook and Telegram users
  • Blockchain
The point that makes the Metagame different is its power. More specifically, Metagame is built on a decentralized game platform on blockchain technology. In addition, Metagame is also a perfect combination of short, easy-to-play mini-games, suitable for people of all ages. The special feature when playing mini games is that it will take place in a short time, that's why we create a platform with a huge treasure of diverse classic game types. We also offer a wide range of ways to play such as playing against the computer, challenging friends, organizing major tournaments, live streaming,...
The goal will be reached by using Blockchain technology to follow transparent procedures and by providing a true game experience for online players via Facebook and Telegram application experiences.