The future of Metagame
Metagame is a marketplace for both professionals and amateurs to compete in a competitive environment that would highlight their talents and give them the chance to win real money. If you're an amateur or professional, join Metagame and compete in matches to see how you measure up against other game-creators you admire. Make your mark on the gaming industry or simply compete for our cash prizes.
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Along with the current features, Metagame plans to develop minigames into matches where the finalist will be crowned NFT, which can be sold for cash.

Metagame Community

The game's development would not have been possible without the help of the community. Because Metagame was created under the "Build in Public" principle, we broadcasted every update or modification. While developing it, we polled and received comments from the community on Telegram, Discord, Twitch, and YouTube. We've also kept you updated on every step of the game's development. This is why we believe that maintaining openness in the game will help to keep our community robust and expanding.
The community can also support other community members. Any and every member of the community can create things that can be sold on the marketplace, as well as in-game items. All material or art created could generate NFT Tokens, and buyers will choose the blockchain to get those Non-Fungible Tokens. The available blockchains to claim those NFTs are Ethereum, Callisto Network, Binance Smart Chain & Polygon.
Spreading the word of Metagame and its game is the key to success, and this can only be done by reaching new audiences. We are not in the TV era where you can just put an advertisement and everyone will read Metagame. Right now, the gaming audience is focused on Facebook and Telegram. This is why we decided to incentivize those content creators that will help us grow by showing their audience Metagame. If you own a content creator account on the two platforms, you will be eligible to be one of the creators having the following benefits:
  • 1% of every cent spent on the Marketplace.
  • MGT Tokens bonuses depending on the amount of your audience.
  • Promotional articles, so you are able to make a raffle between your community.
  • Access to a private channel with Metagame devs, so you can get first-hand information.
Depending on the size of your community, you can be eligible for the following:
  • Voting on the design of new items.
  • One unique item that can be branded with your channel, sold on the Marketplace, and get 90% of the earnings.
  • VIP access to MGT events across the world.
  • A distinctive badge of your MGT membership.
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